Sunday, February 24, 2008

Emotions As An Afterthought

Emotional turbulence is a major obstacle to the accomplishment of our goals. We thrive when are having a joyful and prouctive period. These stretches can be followed by several weeks of lethargy and doubt. This lull in the ride of life is a major sidelines many.

The key is to look past emotion. We come into this world equipped with tools to negotiate our surroundings. The mind and emotions are nothing but assets for the purpose of assisting our soul's growth.

We are not our mind; we are not our emotions. The choruses of "I am depressed," and "I am unstable" echo in our post-modern landscape. The arm is a tool. If your arm is broken, would you refer to yourself as broken?

We are so out of control that we permit the wild flailings of our mind and emotions. Imagine if your arm had a tendency to smack people. Rather than helplessly giving in to the arm, you would bring it under control.

This ontological identification with the mind and emotion is what the householder yogi seeks to snap. We seek to harness the power of the mind and emotion, to realize them for the tools that they are.

The warrior seeks to control his reaction to what the world throws at him. Bringing the mind and emotions under his or her control is the first step.

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