Wednesday, May 23, 2007

News From The Sporting World

Michael Vick, the quarterback from the Atlanta Falcons, is being investigated for holding dog fights at his house in Chesepeake, VA. There is a national uproar over the issue, and it is likely that the Falcons will cut him.

I find it interesting that people are outraged over dogfights, while they are eating the flesh of animals that were tortured every moment of their incarnation. But eating meat is acceptable because of the systematic routinization of it. I think of Hannah Arendt's discussion of "the banality of evil" in her account of Adolf Eichmann's trial. Eichmann performed the bureaucratic work of arranging the transportation of European Jews to concentraion camps. The Moussaud found him in Buenos Aires and brought him to Israel for trial. To his last day he could not see his mistake, as he was physically removed from the acts of violence.

We are conditioned to ignore the negativity of some undeniably negative acts, while we explode in the face of what we have not been conditioned to accept.

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Harimander said...

Speaking of Michael Vick...Everyone had on black robes and hoods and we were underground in a cave or something. I also remember seeing two monsters fighting furiously dripping blood and fighting about what they were eating. They were reptilian and looked something like the dinosaurs that a teacher at school used to show us. I don't know what they were eating. I keep thinking that my mind wants to heal and I have to face that they ate my baby, but for now I can't handle it so I think of it as just a nightmare. I can't get the furiousness of them eating out of my mind. It is so horrific.